What Is a Chipset Driver and How to Update Chipset Drivers?

Where can i see the driver version of an installed printer driver? I hope there are no large difference between XP, vista and 7. The driver will download and install automatically from the print server when adding the queue. Otherwise, you just have to do a search for the type of printer. Different printers use different languages to communicate, which is why a generic printer driver will not work. Printers from different manufacturers cannot use the same driver, and printers from the same manufacturer may not function properly if a driver for hp laserjet p4015 windows 10 driver a different printer is used. The printer may fail to print it all, or it may produce pieces which are misregistered, filled with gibberish, or otherwise unusable.

  • Some driver packages may include drivers for more than one model or variant.
  • Outbyte Driver Updater is a great utility for keeping your device drivers and preventing issues that stem from outdated software.
  • DriverFinder is a tool that detects and updates drivers for your PC based on its brand, model, and operating system.
  • This is accomplished by combining the custom installation package with Driver Configuration Files , which lets administrators create a deployment package that best suits their environment.
  • Print drivers are a necessary component when you are adding a printer to your computer.
  • Updating the drivers regularly helps you get the best performance of your PC and other hardware devices attached.

This driver updater tool for Windows 11 has an easy-to-use interface to a very simple procedure for downloading drivers. Bit Driver Updater is the most popular and best driver updater for Windows 10 devices in 2021. It comes in user-friendly design, is loaded with class-apart features, and can fix corrupted drivers easily and quickly. Pick it today to optimize the overall performance and working of your Windows PC. AVG Driver Updater can easily scan and fix driver issues. This software auto-scans the PC and looks for outdated, missing, or corrupt software updates and fixes it. It helps you to select the official drivers from 100+ major brands.


Go to the manufacturer’s website, and browse or search for « drivers » or « printer drivers. » Printer manufacturers offer updated drivers to improve compatibility with newer software, such as newer versions of Reader and Acrobat. If searching fails, you can reach out to the company itself. Most manufacturers offer some sort of chat-based tech support, and you can try asking for a direct link to the software for your model of printer. An email address for customer support should be easy to find, but if not, just send a message to the company Twitter account or Facebook page. You may be having trouble finding the link to download drivers for your new printer, but HP and other manufacturers rarely leave customers high and dry. It’d be bad business not to properly support new products, even if they’re new-in-box units of an older model.

As well as noting any source files required using the INF file, Windows needs to validate the files can be trusted – it does this by using a catalog file. The catalog file contains a cryptographic hash of each file in the driver package. Windows uses this information s to verify that the package was not altered after it was published. In our example, the driver catalog file is cnlb0m.cat. Many app developers are slowly coming around to the idea that admins need to be able to install applications silently and autonomously.

How to Uninstall Graphics Drivers

As many functions of the Northbridge are now handled by the CPU itself, chipset vendors have combined the two bridges into a single central hub. Similarly, the Southbridge connects to the PCI Bus slots, SATA, IDE connectors, and USB ports. There is no direct connection between the CPU and the Southbridge. All the communication with the CPU has to be done through the North Bridge. To make this communication efficient and effective Chipset drivers come into play. You will now get the information about the motherboard. Click on the About button from the left pane, and then scroll down the right sidebar to the Device specifications section where you should find the system type is b4-bit or 32-bit.

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